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Neurologists: excessive use of social networks changes the brain

Often, gambling and drug addicts have difficulty making a decision.

Scientists at the University of Michigan said that people who spend a lot of time on social networks may be in the same situation.

In practice, this means that people who are addicted to social networks, as well as drug addicts and people with gambling addiction are often unable to draw conclusions based on their experience and continue to follow a path with a negative outcome.

Scientists conducted a study in which 71 people took part. Researchers evaluated participants’ psychological dependence on Facebook.

research participants talked about how often they use this social network, how they feel when they do not have the opportunity to use it, and about the impact Facebook has on work or school.

The participants of the experiments performed a psychological task to assess the ability to make decisions.

To successfully complete the task, you had to choose the most profitable deck of cards. It turned out that the more time a person spent on social networks, the worse he was able to make a correct forecast and solve the problem correctly.

The same results were in people suffering from drug and other types of addictions.

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