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Maybe The Most Interesting Valentine Gift This Season?

Roses are red, Violets are blue… If you had to think back to the many many Valentine Days you’ve spent looking for that perfect present – this one might just be the most unique one yet.

This unique gift has come under some scrutiny recently as many have questioned if it’s something that a public zoo should be promoting. It actually isn’t a gift for your current special someone, but instead a gift for your ex? Or maybe it is a gift for your current Valentine – you be the judge.

“Looking to get yourself a present this Valentine’s Day? The El Paso Zoo has you covered. It will name a cockroach after your ex and then feed it to a meerkat live on camera.

You can message the zoo on Facebook with your ex’s name, then wait patiently for February 14 to watch the roach get devoured during the “Quit Bugging Me” meerkat event, which will live-stream on Facebook and the zoo’s website. The names of those exes will also be displayed around the meerkat exhibit and on social media starting February 11. The zoo calls it “the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.”

“This is a fun way to get the community involved in our daily enrichment activities,” El Paso Zoo event coordinator Sarah Borrego told CBS News. “The meerkats love to get cockroaches as a snack and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by feeding them a cockroach named after your ex!”

The El Paso Zoo isn’t the only zoo offering a non-traditional Valentine’s Day promotion. The Hemsley Conservation Center in Kent, England, will name a cockroach after your ex in exchange for a donation. You can also name a roach at the Bronx Zoo, which calls them “eternal” and “timeless” gifts.

So what say you? Gift for your current Valentine or just a little something special for your ex? Either way – I’m sure we will continue to hear more about gifts like these in the future…

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