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How to deal with nightmares and nightmares

People sometimes wake up with fear and then can not sleep for a long time. Someone does not stop tormenting night terrors and nightmares. What becomes their causes? How can you deal with sleep disorders? The answers to these questions are given by psychotherapists .

Night terrors and nightmares appear during sleep in different ways. They are visited by people, as a rule, in the deepest phase of sleep, when there are no dreams, that is why, when a person wakes up from a sense of danger or impending catastrophe, he cannot remember what he dreamed about in detail, except for the fact that it was very scary. Describe what exactly led to this state, a person can not because of the heavy emotions.

Horrors and nightmares in dreams often visit people in childhood and adolescence, and as they grow up, such dreams end.

Causes night terrors and nightmares. Theories of night horrors and nightmares abound, as well as numerous medical studies on this topic. Some talk about it. That hard dreams are the result of previously experienced children’s fears, the second – that the psycho-traumatic events affected it, and still others say that such dreams are the forerunner of an impending disease. However, all experts agree that nightmares and horrors in a dream come to us because of the depressive and anxious background, and also carry a warning signal, letting you know about it in a dream so that in everyday life people are as careful and attentive as possible.

The causes of nightmares and nightmares can be triggered by taking certain antidepressants that regulate a person’s blood pressure.

A huge problem value on the quality of our dreams and the eventfulness in them has a passion to watch horror movies, or to read books that describe bloody events. At the subconscious level, a person is transferred to book pages or to the plot of a horror movie, presenting himself. Then it is reflected in our dreams.

Symptoms of nightmares and nightmares. They are manifested in increased sweating, screams and moans, pressure, rapid breathing and heartbeat. Or a person abruptly jumps up in fright, in violation of sleep.

Treatment of night horrors and nightmares. The first steps in getting rid of the disease consider positive thinking and getting rid of stress. By acquiring positive emotions, we become calmer, gradually getting rid of our own fears and nightmares. If the easiest way does not help, you need to immediately contact a therapist who will prescribe the right course of treatment and reception of medicinal preparations.

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